Corporate Law


  • Incorporation
    • Your new venture. Exciting times ahead. You want to take advantage of the benefits and protections of a corporation. Just incorporate and you’re good to go, right? Well, almost, except for the fine print. There are numerous corporate requirements under the Income Tax Act and the BC Business Corporations Act. That’s where we help. We will incorporate your company and make sure:


  • You have a share structure to meet your current needs, and to help your estate planning and wealth preservation aims, to make sure you can seamlessly protect the wealth and assets your new corporation will build
  • You have a set of Articles (by-laws) that meet your specific requirements; and
  • All shares are allotted according to the requirements of the Income Tax Act.
  • Professional Corporations
    • Along with a share structure to help you capitalize on your growing assets and income now and in the future, we ensure that your corporation meets the regulatory requirements.
  • Corporate Procedures
    • You can rely on us to meet all your corporate procedural needs, from Annual Reports, to Director’s Resolutions, Special Resolutions, Shareholders Resolutions and corporate financing.
  • New Articles/Amendments
    • Your corporation is moving in a new direction, but your Articles are holding you back. Don’t fret. We have experience in drafting custom Articles to meet the company’s needs, including all required resolutions and filings with the Corporate Registry.
  • Changes to Share Structures
    • New venture? Investment opportunities? Tax optimization? We have the tools and experience to change your company’s share structures, including custom rights and restrictions for each share class to meet the company’s goals, including issuance & cancellation of shares
  • Multi-Company Reorganizations
    • Our office has the experience and tools to help you organize your various corporations under one corporate umbrella, aka, the Holdings Corporation.
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