Buying and selling your home can be fraught with legal potholes. Jon helps his clients through the process, providing advice with the contract of purchase and sale, filings with the Land Title and Survey Authority of British Columbia and with the relevant governments and agencies.

His experience with real estate litigation helps clients to skillfully manage issues that may arise.

Jon also represents lenders in real estate transactions, including private lenders securing loans against real estate.

  • Purchase of Residential Property
    • You’ve signed the contract. Subjects removed. Now it’s time to sprint across the line.

We ensure a smooth closing and that you keep the promises you made under your contract. Along with making sure you meet your mortgage lender’s requirements, we advise you on:

  • The different ownership structures, the legal implications of each, and how each will affect your estate, you will (if you have one, and if not, we are more than glad to help you to make one!) and your loved ones in the future. It’s more than just purchasing your property—its about your legacy.
  • The Property Transfer Tax and its numerous exemptions. Importantly, what the Ministry of Finance’s requirements are, because they often will audit buyers, and failing to meet their requirements can be quite costly. We ensure that the requirements are provided to you and help you to understand the specific requirements for each exemption.
  • Sale of Residential Property
    • It’s a new chapter. You’ve taken care of the property, made the payments and now it’s time to say goodbye. We make sure:
      • That your mortgages or any other liens & charges are paid out and discharged from the title to the property. Why? It’s the promise you made under the contract, and we are here to help you meet it.
      • Not all sales are smooth. Bumps are inevitable and do happen. We provide our clients with sound advice on how to approach these situations when they arise; to help you make an informed decision that benefits you.
    • Mortgages
      • You have the approval in hand, and now it’s time to replace your mortgage. What next? We make sure all requirements are met, quickly. Our office is renowned for quick turnarounds, because we know that your plans move as fast as you .
    • Mortgage Lenders
      • We regularly represent institutional and private mortgage Lenders. With a set of custom-built credit security agreements and ancillary documents for our private mortgage clients, we anticipate and protect our clients for many eventualities, no matter how remote. Because it’s not a problem until it becomes one, and we ensure your shield is in place.
    • Purchase and Sale of Commercial Properties
      • It’s not easy, with many considerations and factors. It’s the same with buying or selling a commercial property. That’s where we help. From helping with the diligence with the government and regulatory authorities, to checking to make sure any leases are sound and in your favour, to making sure your mortgage lender’s requirements are met, our office helps you decided if your transactions is in your best interests.